Wednesday, February 15, 2017


These are official cards from Russia but none of them is from there. Nastya sent me an envelope with these cards from USA and Ukraine and also a tea bag. 

RU-5405900, sent by Nastya.
Annisquam Harbor Light Station, formerly known as Wigwam Point, was first established in 1801 and is now one of the oldest light stations in Massachusetts. The original wooden octagonal tower was replaced around 1897 by the existing brick tower. The site includes elements of the original light station complex (completed by 1814), such as the keeper's house and an oil house. An elevated wooden walkway leads to the 41-foot tall, cylindrical tower, which rests on a stone foundation. An enclosed brick passageway provides access to the tower. The lighthouse protects mariners from dangerous obstacles including long sandbars and a rocky shore along the Annisquam River. - in:

The constrution of the Church of Saint Theodore Stratelates in Alushta, Crimea, began in 1833. The temple was built in the Gothic style and reminded a rural church in England.
The temple doors were closed in 1964. The building was rebuilt several times, the bell tower was destroyed and the former temple lost its original appearance. A few decades later the church was reconstructed and appeared in all its glory. 

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