Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lyon's Cathedral - France

At this moment I only think about my holidays, when to go, where, with whom! I've a few plans, checked flight prices, trains, buses, tours ... anyway, everything is possible.
Paula and Leninha didn't take too long to decide where to spend a weekend last month. Lyon was their choice. They were not happy with the postcards they saw, nor with the prices but still, they sent some postcards to some postcrossing friends. 
In 2013 Tiago also sent a postcard from there and in 2006 I did not see any cathedral cards there but one of my pictures became a postcard a few years later.

Editions André
 The Cathédrale St-Jean was built over the course of several centuries, from about 1165 to 1480. The apse and choir is Romanesque, while the nave and facade are Gothic.
Church councils were held in Lyon Cathedral in 1245 and 1274. It also hosted a Renaissance wedding: in 1600, King Henry IV married Marie de Medici (whom he had just met) in the cathedral.
The medieval exterior of the Cathédrale St-Jean has a solid and solemn appearance. The oldest part is the east end, which was mostly completed by the end of the 12th century; the apse is considered a masterpiece of Lyonnais Romanesque architecture.

 M. G. Editions
The Gothic nave with flying buttresses was built in the 13th century and the west facade is a Rayonnant Gothic work of the 14th century. The portals bear medallions depicting the Zodiac, Creation and the Life of St. John.
Inside, highlights include 13th-century stained glass windows in the choir and beautiful window tracery and vaulting in the side chapels. Especially notable among the latter is the Flamboyant Gothic Chapel of the Bourbons.
Probably the most unique and interesting feature of Lyon's cathedral is the 14th-century astronomical clock in the north transept. A marvel of technology and beauty, it chimes at 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm while a rooster crows and angels herald. - in: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/france/lyon-cathedral-st-jean

Photo: Marta Cairrão
When I visited Lyon in 2006, I've bought lots of cards but i didn't find a single one of this cathedral. I love religious temples cards, so I had to create a touchnote card using one of the pictures I took there.

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