Sunday, March 26, 2017


Maastricht is a city in the southeast of the Netherlands. It's location excluded it from my plans when I visited Netherlands but I may consider it for a future visit. With its 1677 national heritage sites, which is the second highest number in a Dutch town, after Amsterdam, this city is definitely worth a visit. 

Photo: Frans Lemmens
NL-3747411, sent by Fons.
Vrijthof, the largest and best-known square in Maastricht, with many well-known pubs, restaurants and also these structures on the card. 
Basilica of Saint Servatius, a predominantly Romanesque church with important medieval sculptures. The tomb of Saint Servatius in the crypt is a favoured place of pilgrimage;
Sint-Janskerk, a Gothic church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, the city's main Protestant church since 1632, adjacent to the Basilica of Saint Servatius, with a distinctive red, limestone tower;
Hoofdwacht ("Main Watch"), a 17th-century military guard house, used for exhibitions. - in: wikipedia

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