Monday, December 25, 2017

Fiskars - Finland

This postcard is one of the only two cards I got last week. Two postcards in a week :( that's bad, especially on Xmas week. I really, really hope to find something in the mailbox tomorrow.
Anna-Maria sent this card to wish me happy holidays and it was also signed by four other postcrossers who attended a meet-up in Jarvenpää. 

Only an hour’s drive from Helsinki, the retired ironworks town of Fiskars has, over the years, slowly come back to life. Communities of artisans, designers and artists now live and work here. For visitors, the area boasts charming museums, cafes, bed and breakfasts and even a hotel built in the 1800s. The ironworks hosts an annual summer art exhibition that has quickly become one of the country’s most anticipated and a tradition for many art lovers, attracting nearly 100 artists each year. - in:

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