Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Görlitz - Germany

Two nice cards from Görlitz, the easternmost town in Germany, located on the Lusatian Neisse River in the Federal State of Saxony.
The 1st card was sent by Emerich and the 2nd is an official. 

Görlitz is a town in the German federal state of Saxony, the largest town of the former Province of Lower Silesia that lies west of the Oder-Neisse line and hence remains in Germany today. Thus it is both the most Silesian town, in terms of character, and the largest in Germany today. The town combines Lusatian and Silesian traditions as well as German and Sorbian culture. It has around 55,000 inhabitants.
Görlitz has a rich architectural heritage. - in: wikipedia

DE-839419, sent by Rafal.
The Church of St. Peter and Paul is located on a hill above the Neisse River. It is a good example of a medieval Romanesque church, from 1230; and the church built after that, between 1423 and 1497 in Gothic style. The neo-Gothic towers were built in the late 1800's and can be seen from anywhere in Görlitz. Many tourists like to view this church from poland, across the Neisse River.

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