Friday, December 22, 2017

Texel Lighthouse - Netherlands

Two cards from Texel, the largest and most populated island of the West Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea, Netherlands. 
Both cards show the local lighthouse.

© Van Leers - Holland - www.vanleers.nel * © Fotografie: Salko de Wolf - Texel
NL-3954273, sent by Coby. 
Texel Island lighthouse has been built in 1864 after some civilians of Texel attended on the dangers of the waters between Texel and the island of Vlieland (72 ships had wrecked between 1848 and 1860). The tower itself is 37 metres high.

© Salko de Wolf
 NL-1358867, sent by Liesbeth.
During the uprising of the Georgians - they barricaded themselves in the tower - the lighthouse was heavily damaged and had to be ‘rebuilt’. In 1950 it was lighted again. - in:

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