Sunday, January 28, 2018


St. Theodore Stratelates Church in Alushta, Crimea.
The construction of this orthodox church, in gothic style, began in 1833. Alushta citizens loved the temple and tried to make it more beautiful and well-maintained. In 20-ies of XX century, the temple has undergone some changes: to the altar of the sacristy was attached and ponomar-room, as well as a new throne. 

RU-6209522, sent by Dmitry.
Temple doors were closed in 1964. The building is organized as "Builder" club, besides it was several times rebuilt, the bell tower was destroyed and the former temple lost its original appearance.
The temple was restored due to indifferent people, alushta citizens who are trying to preserve the historical and architectural values ​​of the city. They asked to rebuild the temple in honor of St. Theodore Stratelates, to save it from total destruction. The funds for the reconstruction were allocated by the city with the help of parishioners.

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