Monday, March 26, 2018

Polar Bears in Canada

It's no secret that many polar bear populations are disappearing. Changes in the world's climate have destroyed much of the sea ice these creatures call home, making it harder for them to find food. 
There are 19 recognized subpopulations of polar bears throughout the world. 5 of these subpopulations are declining, and 7 more may be facing the same problem (though there is currently not enough data to determine their status).

Despite these alarming trends, there are still a few places where the world's largest land predators can be seen in great numbers. In certain parts of Canada, scientists believe that the amount of bears might actually be increasing. The town of Churchill, Manitoba is often referred to as the "polar bear capitol of the world."

US-2594697, sent by Rori.
As Canada's polar bears migrate from the inland to the shores of Hudson Bay, many of them converge in Churchill. It is estimated that 1,200 or more of these creatures move through the area each autumn.
The window period to see these bears is very brief, lasting from October to early November. As soon as sturdy ice forms on Hudson Bay, they leave the area to hunt seals for the winter. - in:

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