Monday, March 5, 2018

PT RR - Surprise Group * January

Joana had this great idea of opening surprise groups in the Portuguese RR and after 2 months, the groups seems to be a success. I already participated in January and February's groups, and today I started writing the postcards to send this month.
In January I received postcards from Joana, José, Inês Barbosa and Sofia.

The first bridge over the Garonne River at Bordeaux, the Pont de pierre was planned and designed during the First French Empire, under the orders of Napoleon I, but its construction took place during the Bourbon Restoration, from 1819 to 1822.
 It has 17 arches (the number of letters in the name 'Napoléon Bonaparte'). On the sides, each pile of bricks is capped by a white medallion in honour of the emperor.  - in: wikipedia

Without all those deputies and ministers, the interior of the Assembly of the Republic is so much more beautiful.
On the back of the postcard: The Assembly of the Republic is the representative assembly of all Portuguese citizens and is currently composed of 230 deputies. It is located in a historical building in Lisbon, referred to as Palácio de São Bento (Palace of Saint Benedict) a former Benedictine monastery dating from the 16th century. The Palácio de São Bento has been the seat of the Portuguese parliaments since 1834 (Cortes until 1910, Congress from 1911 to 1926 and National Assembly from 1933 to 1974).

 Foto: José Luís Jones
The Chapel of São Sebastião de Almeirim in Castro Verde is a small rural chapel dating from the 17th century that until the 19th century was called the Chapel of São Sebastião das Bicadas. Inside, there is a mural painting dating from the second half of the 18th century.

São Paio de Gramanços is a village in the county of Oliveira do Hospital that I had never heard of. It was there that Sofia's father was born and where we can see the Chapel of Our Lady of Miracles, built around 1850.

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