Monday, March 26, 2018

PT RR - Surprise Group * March

March is almost over, finally, I can't wait for April and my holidays, holidays mean to travel, of course. I'll write about that later but now it's time to write about cards. These are from this month's surprise group.

I have already received postcards from many places, countries and continents but receiving a postcard from another planet was something that had never happened before. Paulo saw that I like volcanoes and sent me this postcard with a volcanic plain in .... Mercury!!
On the back of the card: This enhanced-color MESSENGER image shows Mercury's epic volcanic plains in the planet's northern hemisphere. In the bottom right of the image is the Mendelssohn impact basin, which is 181 miles (291 kms) in diameter. 

Mont-de-Marsan, a town in the french region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in southwestern France, is where Joana lives. She says there's not much to see in the town except for these houses, which house the local tourism office. 

 Foto: António Cunha
Inês Barbosa always manages to find new and unknown churches for my collection. I had never seen this church and had never heard about Marmelar, an old parish of Vidigueira where the church, dedicated to Stª Brigid is located.
This small and pretty church was possibly built in the first half of the 16th century and still retains its original Manueline-Mudéjar style.

imagem: Oswaldo Santos
Sandra says that it is difficult to choose a postcard to send me, I really have many, but she still managed to send me a postcard that I didn't have.
Cabreira Waterfall is located in the village of Silva Escura, Sever do Vouga municipality. It originates in the waters of the Mau River and gains speed and strength on a rocky slope 25 meters high.

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