Sunday, June 3, 2018


A new czech castle to my collection. 

Castle Vimperk is one of the many castles within the Šumava region. Also this castle was meant to protect the golden trading route between Bohemia and Bavaria. 
The castle overlooks the river Volyňka and the city of Vimperk.

© foto: Miroslava Dubovská
CZ-1395206, sent by Marie.
Castle Vimperk is kept in a remarkable good state. After several fires in the 17th century there was much renovation activity until another fire brook out in 1857. The beautiful Renaissance palace was luckily unharmed and is still present in its original state. After the big fire large parts of the castle have again been reconstructed.
Nowadays the municipal museum is located in the castle. One of the buildings of the castle is used as the headquarter of the Šumava National Park administration. - in:

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