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Heidelberg - Germany

I want to visit a lot of places in Germany!! Heidelberg is definitely one of them. Deutschland ist schön...
Four of these cards are officials and one, the 4th one, was sent by Déa.

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A former residence of the Electorate of the Palatinate, Heidelberg is the location of Heidelberg University, the oldest in Germany, well known far beyond Germany's borders. Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape, including Heidelberg Castle and the baroque style Old Town.
It is no secret that Heidelberg is a jewel among German travel destinations.

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 During WWII, the city was almost completely spared allied bombings which destroyed many of Germany's larger inner cities. As a result, Heidelberg has retained its baroque charm of narrow streets, picturesque houses and of course the world-famous Schloss (castle ruins). After World War II, the US Army built large barracks at the southern end of the city. Heidelberg's 147,000 inhabitants thus include not only 28,000 students at the university but also nearly 30,000 US citizens, almost all of them soldiers and their families. With hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking to the city annually, Heidelberg is truly a culturally diverse and international destination, despite its small size. - in: wikitravel 

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Heidelberg Castle can be reached by the Bergbahn, a mountain railway running from the Kornmarkt, or via a 15-minute walk from the old town. Built of red Neckar sandstone on the terraced hillside some 195 meters above Heidelberg, this 16th-century castle is one of the best examples of German Renaissance architecture. 

 After its destruction by the French, who devastated the Palatinate in the 17th century, it has remained the largest and most picturesque such ruin in Germany. The castle is home to many excellent festivals, most held in its evocative courtyard, as well as theatrical performances, concerts, and firework displays. One of the most popular is the Heidelberg Castle Festival from June to August, which boasts an eclectic mix of theater, choral music, chamber orchestras, jazz, folk, and opera.

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Also known as the Old Bridge, Heidelberg's spectacular Karl Theodor Bridge has been immortalized in numerous poems and paintings, testament to the romanticism that surrounds the structure. Spanning the Neckar and joining the two sides of historic Heidelberg, the famous bridge with its lovely sculptures is named after the man responsible for designing and building its nine red sandstone arches in 1788 as a replacement for the numerous wooden bridges that came before. 

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The bridge is well worth strolling along for its views of Heidelberg and its sister bridge, the twin-towered Brückentor. - in:

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