Sunday, July 8, 2018

DE-7261031 & DE-7308233

Officials from Mönchengladbach and Hamburg in Germany.

© Kunsthaus Krichel 
DE-7261031, sent by Michael. 
The only thing I knew about this german city before getting this card, was that the city is home to football team, Borussia Mönchengladbach, one of the country's most well-known teams. Now I know that the city is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, halfway between Düsseldorf and the Dutch border. 
In the city we can visit the Basilica of St. Vitus, the Municipal Abteiberg Museum for contemporary art and Museum im Wasserturm Rheindahlen for relics of the stone age. 

© Karten von Künstler René Menges
DE-7308233, sent by Wiebke.
The Port of Hamburg is Germany's largest port and is named the country's "Gateway to the World". It is the second-busiest port in Europe (after Rotterdam) and 15th-largest worldwide. 
The St. Pauli Piers, often only referred to as Landungsbrücken, are the largest landing place in the Port of Hamburg, and also one of Hamburg's major tourist attractions. 
The tower belongs to the terminal building. Both the building and the piers, were built from volcanic tuff  between 1907 and 1909. 

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