Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Villa « Le Lac » - Switzerland

In 2016, the Villa « Le Lac », near Vevey, Switzerland, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the Modern Movement, alongside 16 other architectural works in seven countries.
Thanks to Óscar, now I only need cards from Belgium and Argentina, to have at least one of the Le Corbusiers works in these seven countries. 

Photo: Olivier Martin-Gambier 2006
A gem of ingenuity and functionalism, the Villa « Le Lac » (1923) is among Le Corbusier’s most inventive and most personal creations. This masterpiece of modern architecture, built for the architect’s parents, embodies three of what would become his five points for a new architecture: the roof garden, the open plan design and the long, horizontal window. A real “machine for living”, it illustrates the ideas that Le Corbusier had already espoused in his earlier works and that would ensure the success of the villas that he built from the 1920s onwards. - in: https://www.region-du-leman.ch/en/P494/villa-le-lac-le-corbusier

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