Thursday, July 5, 2018

Meeting in Bordeaux - France

Last month 18 postcrossers got together in Bordeaux for another postcrossing meeting. It seems quite normal these days to create special cards for meetings. Joana created 4 different ones for this one and sent me 2 of them. 

This large blue lion conceived by the French artist Xavier Veilhan is the most striking feature in Place Stalingrad.  It has become one of the symbols of the renewal of this district, which was for many years regarded as the black sheep of the Bordeaux neighbourhoods.

The Miroir d'eau (Water Mirror), built in 2006,  is the largest water mirror in the world, covering 3,450 square metres (37,100 sq ft). Located opposite the Place de la Bourse, between the Quai de la Douane and the Louis XVIII quay, the mirror of water alternates extraordinary effects of mirror and fog.

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