Thursday, August 16, 2018


Hepoköngäs waterfall in Finland. 

Hepoköngäs is probably the most famous free waterfall in Finland today, at least as a tourist attraction. Not only is it the number one nature sight in Puolanka, it is also mentioned in practically every tourist guide in the Kainuu region.

Kuva: Markku Yli-Tepsa
FI-3279389, sent by Tiia.
As a nature sight, Hepoköngäs is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Finland, but it is not the highest, contrary to some information sources. The fall has, however, earned its place as one of the best sights in Kainuu, as it is a refreshing and beautiful place in the middle of Kainuu's coniferous forests. The water flows like a foaming ribbon down the cliff and into a lake, making the entire lake heave. It is easy to get to admire the fall both from the top and from the lake shore, from where you can see the entire fall. - in:

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