Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wickerwork - Madeira Island

Miguel has recently been to Madeira Island with his family. He saw this card in Funchal and thought it would be a nice one for my elderlies collection. He knows I like cards with elderlies but he didn't know my mom used to work with wicker many years ago. 

On Madeira the wickerwork industry has its foundation in 1850 in the parish of Camacha, where the largest production of this type of craft on the island is found.

Fotografia: Miguel Perestrello
The trees that originate this work – Willows trees, grow on lands with plenty of water and each plant can produce between 2 to 5 kilograms of willow. Once cut, the willow must be peeled and dried, which is then followed by the transformation phase. 
Before being used for making baskets or furniture, the rods go through a treatment process where they are boiled to give elasticity and make them easier to handle. This is the process that gives them a brown colour instead of the original white one.
Wickerwork is used to manufacture objects for domestic use, of all shapes and sizes, including suitcases, boxes, chairs, tables, furniture, among others. 
There are all kinds of furniture pieces, especially chairs, couches and tables, alongside with other items such as agricultural baskets that are used in the grape harvest throughout the island, as well as the “Monte sledges” which concentrates a significant portion of this industry. - in:

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