Sunday, August 5, 2018

Murça's Roman Road and Bridge - Portugal

I believe this is my 1st and only card from Murça, a town in northern Portugal. Inês sent it as a prize for winning one of her lotteries. 

There are numerous vestiges left by the presence of Roman civilization in the present Portuguese territory, of which the county of Murça was no exception.
The Roman Bridge, on the Tinhela River, was the only way of connection in the county in Roman times, through which may have  passed some legions of Roman troops, people who dominated the Iberian Peninsula after defeating the Lusitanians .
Even nowadays, about two decades ago, people from the towns of Vale de Cunho, Pópulo and Cadaval, used the road and bridge to go on foot to the county seat, namely to go to the fair or to pick olives. 
This bridge, still maintains today some stretches of Roman sidewalk, that in brief stretches, is still original. It is believed that this Roman road made the connection to Chaves, Braga and other regions of Iberia.

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