Thursday, July 24, 2008

Faro - Portugal

After 4 days without cards, today i've received this surprise card from Ana "ninocas" and a RR card, also sent from her. Faro is 1 of the capital cities of the portuguese districts, the only one missing in my collection. Now, thanks to Ana, i've all the capital cities :p

"The walls that surrounded the town in Moorish and medieval times. The vestiges of the past still to be seen in churches and museums. The refreshing verdure of a garden beside the lagoon and the sea. The outline of noble residences that bear witness to Faro's splendour in centuries past. Narrow streets of whitewashed houses that recall the town's Moorish heritage. These are among the sights to be savoured on a walk aroundFaro, a city where there is lots to see, to enjoy and to remember." - in:

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