Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last cards of the month

More cards today, 7. 1 from USA, 5 from Brazil and 1 from Portugal.
The brazilian cards were sent by Tito "tito.garcez", 3 of them are a lottery prize and 2 are surprise cards. This is the surprise week. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

The Prescott Rodeo is the oldest in the USA. The card was sent by Carol "adobe".

That is a place that protects the numerous dunes and primitive landscapes of the rivers and sea. Placed on a branch of land that projects itself into the ocean, the small village of Mangue Seco gets isolated from the noise of crowd as well as to the moviment of the continent.- in: This place village is located on the border between Bahia and Sergipe states.

João Alves Filho bridge in Aracaju, capital city of Sergipe state.

Church of Our Lady of Rosário in Coronel Xavier Chaves historic city in Minas Gerais state. It was built in 1717.

São Francisco de Assis Church in São João Del Rel, Minas Gerais, inaugurated in 1774.

Our Lady of Conceição Church in Prados, also in Minas Gerais, from the 18th century.

An handmade card sent by Paula "geminiscp". These are the portuguese postcrossing meeting participants. The meeting was in Lisbon on July 19th. On the card you can see Carla, kryx87, geminiscp, mariadocostume, susanaportugal, valdagua and ludovico.

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