Monday, July 28, 2008

Manaus - Brazil

Today i've received 3 cards from Brazil. Mauro, the sender, saw my blog and said he would like to send me some cards and the cards arrived today. They are from Manaus, the capital city of the Amazonas state, one of the brazilian states missing in my collection. It's quite hard to get cards from there, so it was a good surprise when i opened the envelope.
Thank you Mauro!

"Manaus is a city in the northern part of Brazil and capital of Amazonas State. Located on the Rio Negro near its confluence with the Rio Solimões, it is the chief port and a hub for the region's extensive river system. It is also a common point of departure for tourists visiting the rest of the Amazon region.
Situated on the banks of the Rio Negro (meaning Black River, because of the dark color of the water), Manaus is an important centre for ecological tourism." - in:

"Rio Negro Palace was built at the height of the rubber boom has been transformed into one of the city's leading cultural centers, home to several small but excellent museums. Built by a Manaus rubber baron in the early years of the 20th century, the main palace is wonderfully ornate, with rich tropical hardwoods used for floors and doors, and banisters and moldings. Some rooms have been decorated with lovely period furnishings; others now serve as display spaces for modern Brazilian art and sculpture. The palace served as the state governor's mansion for many years; there are some artifacts from that period, but it's the building, not the history, that impresses." - in:

Floatings houses!

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