Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2nd Ontario/Toronto PC Meeting

Another PC meeting card arrived this week. This one is from the 2nd Ontario/Toronto meeting, that took place last January 16th. The card was signed by Marie "renegade_cavalcade"; Carole "Taxingwoman"; Craig "cawindt" and Karen "blind_melonette".
Thank you girls and Craig ;)

"Dundurn Castle is an historic Neoclassical architecture chateau on York Boulevard in Hamilton, Ontario. This 18,000-square-foot (1,700 m2) mansion took three years and $175,000.00 to build, and was completed in 1835. The seventy-two room castle featured the latest conveniences of gas lighting and running water. It is currently owned by the City of Hamilton who purchased it in 1900 for $50,000. The City has spent nearly $3 million renovating the site to make 42 of the original 72 rooms open to the public. The rooms have been restored to the year 1855 when MacNab was at the height of his career. Costumed interpreters guide visitors through the home, illustrating daily life from the 1850s." - in: wikipedia

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