Thursday, January 7, 2010

RU-62270 & RU-66268

Finally a post in 2010 :) the 1st one and with the last cards i got in 2009.
They're both from Russia, from St. Petersburg and have been sent by the same user. She has 2 official accounts.

RU-66270, sent by Daryana.
Tsarskoye Selo is a former Russian residence of the imperial family and visiting nobility, located 26 kilometres (16 mi) south from the center of St. Petersburg. It is now part of the town of Pushkin and of the World Heritage Site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments.
The building on the card is the Cameron Gallery, built between 1782-1786. It combines natural stone Roman ground floor with a lightweight, snow-white upper floor gallery marked with unusually wide spacing between columns. The gallery, adorned with statues of foreign poets and philosophers, became Catherine I favorite promenade for years. It was flanked with a formal garden on one side and an English landscape park on the other.

RU-62268, also sent by Daryana.
"The Monument to Nicholas I is a bronze equestrian monument of Nicholas I of Russia on St Isaac's Square (in front of Saint Isaac's Cathedral) in Saint Petersburg. Unveiled on July, 7th 1859, the statue was a technical wonder of its time; it spans six meters and was the first equestrian statue in the world with merely two support points (the rear hoofs of the horse)." - in: wikipedia

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