Friday, October 8, 2010

Geni's cards

I've traded these cards with Geni for some of the cards i wanted to get rid of. I really wanted to trade 3 cards for the Olympic National Park card she insisted to trade 3 cards for 3 cards :) She sent me not only 1 but 3 of my card wishes, unesco, lighthouses and volcanoes.

"Located in the north-west of Washington State, Olympic National Park is renowned for the diversity of its ecosystems. Glacier-clad peaks interspersed with extensive alpine meadows are surrounded by an extensive old growth forest, among which is the best example of intact and protected temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven major river systems drain the Olympic mountains, offering some of the best habitat for anadromous fish species in the country. The park also includes 100 km of wilderness coastline, the longest undeveloped coast in the contiguous United States, and is rich in native and endemic animal and plant species, including critical populations of the endangered northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet and bull trout." - in:

"In 1810 the U.S. Congress voted the modest sum of $4000 for construction of a lighthouse at Scituate Harbor. The 50-foot tower was lit in 1811, and the original octagonal tower stands today beside the original 1811 keeper's quarters. Modifications to the tower were made over the years, but Scituate was taken out of service in 1860, replaced by the offshore light at Minot's Ledge. In 1990 the light was reactivated as a private aid to navigation, and today the site is owned by the town of Scituate.

The Scituate Historical Society makes note of the bravery of the first lighthouse keeper's daughters. During the War of 1812, Abigail and Rebecca Bates were called the "army of two" for "preventing a British Naval Force from sacking the town by playing a fife and drum," deceiving the commander of the British warship into thinking the Americans were massing an army." - in:

Mt. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan and is among the largest in the world. It stands in Aso Kaju National Park on the island of Kyushu. Aso has one of the largest caldera in the world (25 km north-south and 18 km east-west). The caldera has a circunference of around 120 kms (75 miles).

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