Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toroweap - Grand Canyon

No cards today :( I really don't like to see my mailbox empty. Yesterday i've sent a bunch of cards, now i'm also waiting for a bunch of cards.
I wasn't waiting for this card, it was a surprise from Carol. She went camping to the Grand Canyon and send the card from there. I like camping and i bet i would love to camp in such an amazing place like Grand Canyon.

"Toroweap (also called Tuweep) is remote lookout point in the Grand Canyon backcountry. The view is dramatic because the cliff is nearly vertical, dropping almost straight down some 3,000 feet to the Colorado River. The viewpoint offers a dramatic view of the middle part of the Grand Canyon." - in: http://www.utah.com/nationalparks/grand_canyon/toroweap.htm

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