Monday, October 25, 2010

Some beautiful US cards

I really like these cards that i picked from Tim's "manatree" album. USA doesn't fascinate me for its cities but i do love it's amazing landscapes and i didn't know Pennsylvania was this beautiful.

Old Main is the administration building of Pennsylvania's StateUniversity and it was it's the first building of major significance. The stately tower is a familiar landmark and represents Penn State to thousands of people.

Pennsylvania's agricultural industry is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. From modest family plots to expansive commercial acreage, Pennsylvania offers a huge variety of crop products and is a major contributor to the nations agricultural economy. Beautiful fields and landscapes seen throughtout the entire state.

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Tioga State Forest, begins south of Ansonia along US Route 6 and continues for approximately 47 miles. The maximun depth of the canyon is 1,450 feet at Waterville, near the southern end. At Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, the depth is more than 800 feet and from rim to rim is approximately 4000 feet. The exposed rock formations are over 350 million years old.

Overlooking the beautiful Susquehanna River, Hyner View State Park, in the Sproul State Forest in north central Pennsylvania, offers one of the most spectacular views in the eastern United States.

Central Pennsylvania's rolling hills blanketed in brilliant autumn colors.

Little Pine State Park is located in one of the most beautiful sections of the Tiadaghton State Forest in the Appalachian Mountains. Little Pine Lake has 3.3 miles of shoreline and 4.2 miles of stream.

In the middle of all these Pennsylvania card, there's this New Hampshire card with beautiful Mt. Washington seen from Conway Lake.

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Deirdre said...

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state indeed! It's looks very green, I'd love to visit it in Autumn to see all the different colors.

I've linked your blog on mine :)