Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coro - Venezuela

I've received 2 cards today and this one from Venezuela was 1 of them. This is my 2nd card from this country and like the other one, it was sent by Jorge and it's a new unesco whs. Coro and its port is on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1993.
The building on the card is the House of the Iron Windows.

"Coro is the capital of Falcón State and the oldest city in the west of Venezuela.
Since the 1950s Coro has been conserved as a national monument, and in 1993 Coro and its port were designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. However, in 2005 Coro was inscribed in the List of World Heritage Sites in danger.
From historic, colonial architecture to unique natural scenery, Coro presents a diverse set of tourist attractions. The World Heritage Site conserves an urban landscape of typically 18th and 19th century appearance with cobbled streets and hundreds of historic and traditional buildings. Some buildings reflect the Spanish "mudéjar" (i.e. Islamic) style, others reflect the cultural influence of Holland via its colony of Curaçao. There are interesting churches, a small synagogue and an old Jewish cemetery. Other colonial towns in Venezuela tend not to have conserved their heritage so well, and in any case the cross-cultural influences of Coro are probably unique." - in: wikipedia

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