Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Portugal x Other Countries RR - Group 2

Kel was originally hosting this RR but she stoped doing it and now Ana "ninocas" re-opened this RR again. I've joined the group 2 and received these cards from Russia, Netherlands and Spain.

Valerie "redlynx" sent this Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius in Sergiyev Posad. In 1993, the Trinity Lavra was inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List. The card shows the five-domed Church of John the Baptist's Nativity, built between 1693-1699 and was commissioned by the Stroganovs. Other 17th-century structures include the monks' cells, a hospital topped with a tented church, and a chapel built over a holy well discovered in 1644.

This is not only a RR card but also a meeting card. This meeting was in Hellevoetsluis, a small village on Voorne-Putten Island in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland.
The card, send by Lotty, shows the St. Nicholas Church, a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Amsterdam.
Officially the church was called St. Nicholas inside the Walls, i.e. the oldest part of the Amsterdam defence works. The architect, Adrianus Bleijs (1842-1912) designed the church basing himself on a combination of several revival styles of which Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance are the most prominent models.

Brian "fisherman" lives in Ireland but she goes to Lanzarote, a spanish island, every now and then.
This is a card of the Timanfaya National Park in the southwestern part of the island of Lanzarote. The parkland is entirely made up of volcanic soil.
"The greatest recorded eruptions occurred between 1730 and 1736. The volcanic activity continues as the surface temperature in the core ranges from 100 to 600 °C at the depth of 13 metres (43 ft), which is demonstrated by pouring water into the ground, resulting in a geyser of steam which is an attraction for tourists.There is only one active volcano, Timanfaya volcano which the park is named after.
In 1993, Unesco designated a Biosphere reserve covering the whole of Lanzarote. The national park is one of the core areas of the biosphere reserve." - in: wikipedia

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