Sunday, November 28, 2010

Déa's cards

Last tuesday was my birthday and that exact day i've received an envelope from Brazil sent by by dear friend Déa. She sent me 7 beautiful cards and 2 days later i've received another card from her. I chose 3 of the envelope's card and the other card to post here today.

This 1st card is from Belém, the capital city of the northest state capitals, located in the delta of Amazonas river. These are beautiful colorful colonial houses situated by the old port. Some of them have been restored to serve as museums and others as restaurants.

And now a beautiful view of Campos do Jordão, a city in the interior of São Paulo state.

This is another card from São Paulo.
"The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (Portuguese for "pinacotheca of the state of São Paulo") is one of the most important art museums in Brazil. It is housed in a 1900 building in Jardim da Luz, Downtown of São Paulo. It's the oldest art museum in São Paulo, founded on December 24, 1905, and established as a state museum since 1911.
The Pinacoteca has a wide-range collection of Brazilian art, mainly noted for its vast assemblage of 19th century paintings and sculptures, one of the largest in the country, as well as for a number of iconic Brazilian Modernist artworks. The collection also includes a department of works on paper, European paintings and sculptures from 19th century artists, decorative arts, etc." - in: wikipedia

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