Friday, February 11, 2011

Castilla y Leon - Spain

These two Castilla y Leon cards have also been sent by Paulo. The 1st card is a panoramic view of Zamora and the on the 2nd we can see the San Bartolomé Chapel, in Soria.
Castile and León (Castilla y León), known formally as the Community of Castile and León, is one of the 17 autonumous communities of Spain.

"Zamora is a city in Castile and Léon, Spain. It lies on a rocky hill in the northwest, near the frontier with Portugal and crossed by the Duero river, which is some 50 km downstream as it reaches the Portuguese frontier. With its 24 characteristic Romanesque style churches of the 12th and 13th centuries it has been called a "museum of Romanesque art". Zamora is the city with the most Romanesque churches in all of Europe." - in: wikipedia

In the Parque Natural del Cañon del río Lobos, among a karst landscape with steep cliffs, sits a singular Romanesque building, the San Bartolomé chapel, built in the 8th century. It sits on top of a rock which was sculpted by the current of the Lobos Rivers.

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