Sunday, February 27, 2011


This official from Russia was a double mistery. Sometimes i don't know where the image of the card is from because there's no information in english, but this time i don't know what's written on the card either, because the sender wrote in russian :o I found out this is a card from Tyumen thanks to the zip code because the sender wrote her address.

"Tyumen is a city in Urals Federal District in Russia, located on the Tura River 2,144 kilometers (1,332 mi) east of Moscow.
Tyumen was the first Russian outpost in Siberia; it was founded in 16th century to support Russian expansion to Siberia. Since its foundation, Tyumen has always been an important settlement. Located at the crossing of water and land routes, the town rapidly developed from a small military settlement to a large commercial and industrial city. The city core, the Old Tyumen, retains many historic buildings illustrating the city's development during the 18th-20th centuries.
Today Tyumen is one of the most important business centres of Russia, and is of importance in the nation's in politics, education and culture. The capital of a vast oil-rich region stretching from the Kazakh border to the Artic Ocean, Tyumen is an important transportation hub and industrial center of its region, and the home to many companies active in Russia's oil and gas industry.
Tyumen is also a destination for a fair number of tourists, in particular from Germany. Tyumen's population draws from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions." - in: wikipedia

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