Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portugal x Other Countries RR - Group 6

These are also cards from the Portugal x Other Countries RR, but this was a group only for portuguese postcrossers.

Teresa "caracolinho" sent me this map card. This card brings me good memories of my 10th and 11th grade geography classes. Geography was one of the subjects i liked in school. That was long ago.

Guimarães is a lovely city, i was there last summer and loved it. This card was sent by Manú "sapic12".
"Guimarães is a Portuguese city located in the North of Portugal. Is one of the most important historical cities of the country. Its historical center is a Unesco World Heritage Site, making it one of the largest tourist centers in the region.
The city of Guimarães is historically associated with the foundation and identity of the Portuguese nationality. Guimarães, among other settlements, precedes the foundation of Portugal and because of its role in the foundation of the country it is known as the "cradle of the Portuguese nationality". In 1128, major political and military events that would lead to the independence and the birth of a new nation took place in Guimarães. For this reason, in one of the old towers of the city's old wall it is written "Aqui nasceu Portugal" (Portugal was born here)." - in: wikipedia

And finally, a card sent by Marília "tripeira" with a view of the "Ribeira" in Porto.
This is one of my favorite views in all country. I love the houses, the boats and that beautiful bridge.

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