Friday, July 27, 2012

Almadén - Spain

I'm very happy and pround to announce that i've all the spanish Unesco sites :D Yes, i've all the 44 sites, including the newest, Almadén, a joint site with Idrija in Slovenia, which i'm about to receive aswell.
Many thanks to Fabienne "famalubel" who sent me some really nice cards in previous swaps and helped me getting some hard-to-get sites from Spain.

Diseño - foto Domingo
The property includes the mining sites of Almadén, where mercury (quicksilver) has been extracted since Antiquity. A relative rare metal, liquid at room temperature, mercury is produced only by a few mines across the world, of which the largest is at Almadén
Almadén and Idrija represent the two largest mercury mines in the world and were operational until recent times.

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