Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Portuguese castles

Two portuguese castles. I've only been to the Castelo Branco castle, Aljezur is way too far from here. Vitória sent me Aljezur castle card and Paula de Castelo Branco card.

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 The important position of this region, next to a fluvial port, helped the fixation of populations since prehistory.
The Aljezur Castle is visible from every point of the village and dates from the 10th century, at the height of the arab occupation in the south of Portugal.
The strategic importance of this castle decreased over the years, and the Castle was already abandoned on the 15th century.
The big earthquake of 1755 launched the final strike in the castle, damaging much of its structure, still remaining nowadays part of the walls and a tower.
In 1977 the Aljezur Castle is considered a Monument of Public Interest, and has been having consolidation and conservation works over the years. - in:

 Photo by Dias dos Reis - EGIG
Paula already sent me another card of the Castelo Branco card, but the other one was a multiview card of the city with an image of the castle. Now she sent this one only with the castle images.
This 470m high granite column was probably occupied during Pre-History and Proto-History. However, it was not until 1214 that the castle was built by the Templar Order. The construction of the castle lasted until 1230. It was changed under D. Dinis reign. Nowadays, you can still observe wall remains and the keep of the former commanders’ palace. 
Church Santa Maria do Castelo, the first main church of the region, is located inside the wall perimeter. From the top of the castle, the view is superb, covering the whole city, the surrounding fields and afar in the north Estrela and Gardunha mountains. - in: http://en.lifecooler.com/lifecooleren/castelo-branco-castle-castles-and-forts-364008-1.html

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