Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plasencia & Almeria

Lets continue with more spanish cards.
Recently Spain inscribed one more site on the World Heritage List, Heritage of Mercury - Almadén but there was another site on the list of candidates, Plasencia-Monfrague-Trujillo: Mediterranean Landscape and i was hoping that they choose this one instead of the other. I've cards from Trulillo, Luis sent me one from Plasencia and i've none from Almadén.

Photo by Modesto Galán
 This is the Plasencia card.
Plasencia is a walled market city in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, Western Spain.  Plasencia has a historic quarter that is a consequence of the city's strategic location along the Silver Route, or Ruta de la Plata. Since the 15th century, the noblemen of the region began to move to Plasencia, defining its current appearance. - in: wikipedia
On the card there's the façade of the Marquis de Mirabel Palace,  built in the 16th century with a two-order court.

Photo by Jesus Gomez
Almería is a city in Andalusia.
On this card there's the tower of city's morish castle, the Alcazaba, which is found around 90 meters above from the city. Next to the Alhambra in Granada it is one of the main castles in the south of Spain. It was constructed in the X century by the Califa Abderramán III. It offered shelter to 20,000 people at one time.
In 1522, a great part of the Castle was destroyed by an earthquake. Since the 50's a large portion has been restored.

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