Friday, February 15, 2013

Bulls & Cows

More cards from the Azores but these, sent by Manú (the two 1st cards; the 3rd was bought by me), are from the Terceira Island. When travelling around the island, you'll see lots of bulls and cows.

Photo by Luís Godinho
Bullfight, especially  tourada à corda ("bullfight by rope") is very traditional to this island. These bulls will, probably, be used in one of those bullfights.
The tourada à corda ("bullfight by rope") is peculiar to the Azores, and is composed of events with four adult bulls of the breed brava da ilha Terceira along a designated road or street around 500 metres in length. The bull is controlled by a rope around its neck, held by six people (pastores) that direct the bull and prevent its leaving the field of play. The bull is led along the course of the road, and taunted and teased by players, but with no intent to kill the animal; the animal's horns are capped with balls or leather to diminish the risk to the players. After each fight (lide) the animals are returned to pasture to be used again later, but only after a rest period of at least eight days. - in: wikipedia

© Ver Açor, Lda.
These are the cerrados, low walls of dry stone masonry, which divide the great plain of Terceira Island. The best place to see and admire the plain, is Serra do Cume.

This is how the view from Serra do Cume looks like. No wonder the locals also call it pachtwork quilt.
I bet every bull and cow would love to live here!!

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