Thursday, February 21, 2013

Megalithic Monuments - Portugal

I've recently visited my 1st megalithic monument and it was an interresting visit. There's one in a village near my city and i might visit it soon with a friend.
These are far from my city but them seem to be very interresting too.

 Photo by Anibal Santos © IBERPONTO
When i visited the Terceira Island, i sent a card to Leninha and she sent me this one to thank me.
This dolmen is located in the parish of Alcobertas, in the municipality of Rio Maior. Is a  funerary megalithic monument, consisting of Chamber and hallway, typical of the late Neolithic period, being one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. It was from this dolmen that was born the mother church and, currently, is still used as a side chapel.This church, at the end of the 15th century, is a rare example of Christianization of a megalithic monument that remains to this day.

This week i've received this tumulus sent by Zé Guedes.
The Tumulus of Lamas is a megalithic monument located in the parish of Lamas, municipality of Braga.The monument was built in the Neolithic age (about 3000 BC), with average dimensions, the tumulus covered a dolmen of which there are only three lages preserved "in situ", and the others close to the tumulus. Their discovery also revealed important information about the past of the region.

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