Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Portuguese PC Meetings

The last portuguese Postcrossing meeting were the Christmas meeting in Elvas and the New Year's meeting in Braga and i've been to both of them.
The meeting in Elvas was a great opportunity to visit for the 1st time the newest portuguese UNESCO site.
No many postcrossers attended these meetings, it was only me, Paula, Joaninha, Ninocas and Susana families in Elvas, and me again, Miguel, Vitória and her husband in Braga.

 Photo by João Carpinteiro - PAPYRUS, Edição de postais ilustrados
 The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the former Cathedral of Elvas, located in Republic Square, was built in the XVI century to replace an earlier Gothic church. The author of the project in the Manueline style was probably Francisco de Arruda. The opening worship was held in 1537, with the work unfinished. In 1570 the church became the seat of the diocese of Elvas and was consecrated cathedral. But the Diocese of Elvas was abolished in 1881 and the church lost that status.

 Edição Tabacaria da Sé
The Saint Vincent Church is a 16th-century baroque Catholic church in Braga. It was built in 1565 and restored in 1691, on the same site where there was once a Visigoth church of the 7th century (656).

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