Thursday, June 27, 2013

FI-1775209, FI-1762622 & FI-1787674

After finnish Unesco sites, i've finnish official cards.

 Photos by: Seppo I. Myllyviita
FI-1775209, sent by Tiina.
Lauhanvuori National Park is a national park in the Southern Ostrobothnia region of Finland, on the border of Kauhajoki and Isojoki. It was established in 1982 and covers 53 square kilometres (20 sq mi).
The park is characterized by its pine forestland, spring brooks, and swamps. - in: wikipedia

 Photo by: Markku Roisko
FI-1762622, sent by Marja-Leena.
This is Hämeenlinna's Lutheran Church. It was built in 1798 as a rotunda modelled on the Pantheon in Rome.

FI-1787674, sent by Eeva.
Interresting facts about Helsinki:
  • In Helsinki, the population of women is greater than that of men, with men constituting around 46.6 per cent of the population and women making up around 53.4 percent.
  • Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world, as it does not receive sunshine for about consecutive 51 days in winters.
  • Helsinki has the highest cellphone-to-resident ratios in the world. The world’s leading manufacturer of cell phones, Nokia, is based in Finland.
  • Between June and mid-September, there are special teams of uniformed men deployed all over the city known as the ‘Helsinki Helpers’. These forces are identified by their green uniforms and are meant to dispense advice or information about the city, the city’s maps and everyday life in Helsinki.
  • The city of Helsinki was founded at the mouth of the river Vantaa, by the decree of the King Gustav Vasa of Sweden, in the year 1550. However, the city was eventually moved from there to the present location, in the year 1643.
  • Helsinki has been the capital of Finland since 1812. - in:
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