Thursday, June 20, 2013


A great danish card sent as an official from Netherlands and sent by someone i've already met in a Postcrossing meeting.
For more than 450 years, Egeskov Castle has stood in its beautiful location in the landscape of Funen (Fyn) Island. Egeskov is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe.

Photo by Carrebye Billedarkiv
NL-1699958, sent by Saskia.
Egeskov Castle, the house as we see it today, was built by Frands Brockenhuus and was completed in 1554.
The building, which looks so peaceful and idyllic to today's visitors was built for defence purposes. It consists of two long houses connected by a thick double wall - the first house could be abandoned and the fight continued from the second house. The double wall is so thick, it contains hidden stairs and a well to secure a water supply during a siege. The outer walls have machicolations for dropping solids or liquids on the enemy and embrasures, and the enemy's flank could be shot at from the towers. In addition, the only access to the house was across the drawbridge.
In the more than 400 years that have passed since it was built, various families have lived in the castle.
During this period, the castle was developed into an up-to-date model farm with its own dairy, power station and railway track to Kværndrup, and this formed the economic basis for the large, modern farm that Egeskov is to this day. - in:

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