Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finnish Unesco WHS

I already have all the finnish Unesco sites but that's always great to receive different views of those places. Both of these cards were sent by Katy.

 The Bronze Age cairn cemetery of Sammallahdenmäki in Lappi was the first Finnish archaeological site to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 1999. Sammallahdenmäki was chosen to the list as the finest Western Bronze Age site in Finland and Scandinavia.
The Sammallahdenmäki site is located in Lower Satakunta in the village of Kivikylä, Lappi parish. The site consists of a cluster of 33 stone cairns spread out over an area nearly one kilometre in length.
Sammallahdenmäki is an exceptionally valuable example of Finland’s Bronze Age culture because it presents the ancient monuments in a well-preserved natural milieu. The area contains nearly all known types of Bronze Age cairns known from Finland and the surroundings still have an air of the original archipelago landscape with its lichen-covered cliffs and gnarled, weather-beaten pines. -in:
A nice view from the Oravivuori triangulation tower, one of the six Struve Geodetic Arc points in Finland.

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