Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tours de Merle - France

Paula was on holidays a few weeks ago and she traveled to France. I know she visited a few castles but i don't know if she visited this one, the Tours de Merle. She sent me this card which is also signed by Valérie.

Deep in the heart of the southern Correze countryside, the Tours de Merle are the remains of various medieval chateaux and associated buildings beautifully situated in a deep wooded valley.
Although now largely ruined, there is plenty to explore and enjoy and a visit is highly recommended.
Active in the 12th-14th centuries, the original castle at Tours de Merle defended a key transport route in the valley and was a crucial river crossing point. The ensemble includes the remains of the original castles - above all the towers - and also the original village (also now in ruins) can be seen below the castle walls.
By the 16th century the need for the castles had passed, an alternative river crossing had been built, and the inaccessible location meant that the site became abandoned.
Highlights of a visit include the Towers of Pestelles, several other castle buildings, and a chapel. You can explore freely, with ample opportunity to squeeze your way up ever narowing staircases and enjoy precipitous views from the top. - in:

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