Saturday, July 13, 2013

King Tomislav Square - Zagreb

Both of these cards show the King Tomislav square in Zagreb. The 1st card was bought by me in 2006 and the 2nd was sent by Manuela. 

 King Tomislav Square is, dominated by a monument to the first Croatian king.  He reigned from 910 until 928, first as Duke (dux Croatorum) of Dalmatian Croatia in 910–925, and then became first King (rex Croatorum) of the Croatian Kingdom in 925–928.

In addition to the monument, is located in the square, the main train station, the largest railway station in Croatia, and also the Art Pavilion.  The pavilion was built in 1898 of the iron skeleton of the Croatian pavilion at the Millennium Exhibition in Budapest. The style blends the elements of a classical appearance with a hint of Art Nouveau.
It is the oldest gallery in the Southeast Europe and the only purpose-built gallery in Zagreb designed specifically to accommodate large scale exhibitions.

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