Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vrboska - Croatia

A croatian card sent by Manuela. And OMG, i've just discovered that this is a card from the only croatian UNESCO place that i was still missing!!! 
I read this on wikipedia and confirmed at the UNESCO list gallery and documents! Someone is very happy now. 
Settlement on the northern coast of the island of Hvar in a deep narrow bay surrounded by pine forest, vineyards, and olive groves. Vrboska lies on the north-eastern side of the UNESCO protected world heritage site Stari Grad Plain. - in: wikipedia

Along a narrow and curving fjord , unusual only as wonders are on Hvar island, there lies Vrboska – the smallest town on the island.
But even if it is the smallest, Vrboska is the treasure of the island. Founded in the 15th century, it is often reffered to as "Little Venice" due to numerous small bridges.
From the entrance, which is its widest part, surrounded with thick pine forest, it narrows curving into a canal along both sides of which are situated picturesque architectural objects of Gothic, Neo- Renaissance and Baroque style.
The narrow, curving, streets, the pine forest, the stone buildings and a small islet in the middle of the cove, bathed in sunshine and hidden in the depths of the bay. 
The Vrboska area was inhabited even in ancient times, to which ruins of Roman building testify. It grew from a fishermen's village and harbour to a place called Vrbanj (hence its own name Vrboska) in 15th century into a small town which outshines even the bigger and better known places on the island by its beauty.
Vrboska is comprised of two parts. Pjaca (eastern part) and Podva (western part).
Typical Mediterranean local architecture of small houses on both sides of the canal connected to old town houses from the periods of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque, as well as old churches on one side of the canal and rich villas on the other side gives the place special charm and warmth. - in:

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