Monday, July 29, 2013

Upper Svaneti - Georgia

Another week starts, hopefully with more cards than the last one. I'll check the mailbox in the next hour.
The 1st post of this week in a great adition to my UNESCO collection. Upper Svaneti is one of the three WHS in Georgia and with this card, sent by Sini, i've all of them!!
The card shows the Ushguli, the most picturesque Svan village.

Photo by Miriam Kiladze 
Svaneti is a historic province in Georgia, in the northwestern part of the country. It is inhabited by the Svans, an ethnic subgroup of the Georgians.
Surrounded by 3,000–5,000 meter peaks, Svaneti is the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus.
Svanetia is known for their architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes. The botany of Svanetia is legendary among travelers.
The famous Svanetian towers erected mainly in the 9th-12th centuries, make the region’s villages more attractive. In the province are dozens of Georgian orthodox churches and various fortified buildings. Architectural monuments of Upper Svanetia are included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. - in: wikipedia

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