Saturday, October 12, 2013


Lighthouses from Ukraine.

UA-697566, sent by Anna.
From left to right:
* Sarych Lighthouse, located at the Southernmost point of the Crimean peninsula.  This was one of the Light stations occupied by Russian Navy personnel. It was built in 1911;
* Yalta Breakwater Light, located at the end of the Yalta breakwater. This is one of the best-known lighthouses of Crimea, and its occupation by Ukrainian personnel in January 2006 precipitated the lighthouse crisis between Ukraine and Russia; 
* Vorontsov Lighthouse is a famous red and white 27.2 metres high landmark in the Black Sea in the port of Odessa, Ukraine. It is named after Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, one of the governor-generals of the Odessa region. 
The current lighthouse is the third lighthouse to stand on the same spot. The first lighthouse was built in 1862 and was made of wood; - in: wikipedia
* The Luparevskiy Lighthouse is located on the East coast of the Bug on the south side of Lupareve.  This Lighthouse is the second range for vessels bound upstream (North) in the estuary.  The Lighthouse is in the Mykolaiv Area of Ukraine.
* The Berdianskyi Lighthouse is located at the end of a long, hook-shaped spit South of Berdyansk.
The Lighthouse is in the area of Sea of Azov, connected to the rest of the Black Sea by a very narrow Kerch Strait.  The lighthouse is accessible by boat;
* The Kyz-Aulskyi Lighthouse is located on the point of the Cape, South-East of Jakovenkove and helps guide ship(s) to the entrance of the Kerch Strait.  The Lighthouse is in the diamond shaped peninsula of Crimea and is one of the Black Sea Lighthouse(s) in Ukraine. - in:

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