Monday, October 28, 2013

Vitória's Holidays

Like me, Vitória was on holidays last month. This time we didn't spend any time together but she thought about me while she was travelling. These cards are kind of a travel diary of her holidays with her husband. 

 © Fotografia: J. A. R / Publiçor
The first destination of Vitória and her husband was Santa Maria, one of the Azores islands. She sent me this card of the Our Lady of the Purification Church, in the parish of the Santo Espírito. This is a Baroque temple that dates back to the 16th century.

On their way to mainland, they had a couple of hours layover on São Miguel Island, and of course, Vitória took the opportunity to buy and send postcards. This postcard is very beautiful, with the beautiful Seven Cities Lagoon and the cows, but the stamp she used is very special. The happy couple on the stamp is Vitória and her husband Vítor. The photo was taken during their honeymoon in 2009, on São Miguel, and as in the postcard, in the Seven Cities Lagoon. 

© Fotógrafo: Modesto Galán
To finish their holidays, they went to Spain to visit Caceres, a city on my must visit list. Beyond the Tower of the Storks, of which i already have a postcard, the postcard also shows St. Matthew Church. The church was built on the ruins of an Arab mosque in the 16th century.  It was built in  late Gothic style, called Spanish Plateresque.

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