Monday, February 10, 2014


Since the year started, today was the best postcard day. I've got 9 cards, 8 of them were officials. 
One of those is this nice castle card from Czech Republic. 
Střekov Castle is a romantic ruin perched atop a cliff 85 km north of Prague and is one of one of the most visited cultural monuments in northern Bohemia.

foto a design: Ing. D. Fiker
CZ-400904, sent by Martina.
The Castle was built in 1316 for John of Luxemburg, father of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, and was constructed to guard the important trade route to Germany. The picturesque property was acquired by the noble Lobkowicz family in 1563 and has remained in private hands since except during the Nazi confiscation and under the Communist regime. Střekov Castle was returned to the Lobkowicz family after a series of restitution laws were passed in the early 1990s and currently welcomes visitors from all around the world.
Today, Střekov Castle contains an historical exhibition that includes reproductions of guns and knights' armor, drawings and pictures of the property, as well as a scale wooden model of the Castle complex. Periodic temporary exhibits are also organized each year. - in:

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