Saturday, February 1, 2014

Toulouse - France

All i've been thinking about un the last weeks are my next holidays. The holiday meeting at work will be next week and i'm not sure if i can go on holidays when i want and that's driving me crazy. 
Anyway, while i'm still dreaming about my next possible holidays, i've the best memories and cards, from my last holidays in France. Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, was my city for almost an entire week. 
Here are some of the city's landmarks. 

Photo: Philippe Poux
The huge pedestrianized open space in the heart of Toulouse called Place du Capitole is the main city square.
The square is flanked by grand municipal buildings, including the long Neo-Classical facade of the city hall, or Capitole, built in the 1750s.
Along with administrative functions, the pink brick Capitole building also houses the Théâtre du Capitole opera house. There are 19th century paintings of the city’s famous citizens to browse in the Salle des Illustres.
On the square’s western side is a series of roofed arcades. Look up as you stroll to see the history of Toulouse represented on the ceiling panels, from prehistoric times through to today’s aeronautics industry. - in:

 Editions D'art Larrey cdl
Listed as a Unesco World Heritage site as a major stop on the way of St. James, the basilica was built from the 11th to the 14th century. It is one of the largest Romanesque churches in Europe. It is characterized by a portly architecture and a rich sculpted decor. The relic's treasure of this main pilgrimage church is shown along the saint bodies' ambulatory trail and the two level crypt. - in:

Photo: Philippe Poux
Saint-Étienne is a disconcerting church because its building was spread over 5 centuries, from the 13th Century to the 16th Century, during which the architectural concepts went through significant transformations. Entrance to the cathedral is via the nave called Raymondine, of a southern gothic style with its wide ...
single nave. The second part of the building, made up of a vast choir, was built in a Northern gothic style in order to rival other great cathedrals. The cathedral contains some interesting ornamental elements: stained glass windows, tapestries, paintings, a large rose window, a magnificent large organ suspended 17 metres up and 17 chapels. - in:

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