Sunday, February 23, 2014


The last time i received a card from Serbia was in 2011!! I don't have many cards from there and this one is only my 3rd official from this country. 
The cards shows the Cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade, the country's capital city. 

Copyright © 2004 IP Studio Strugar
RS-18247, sent by Branko.
On the back of the card: "The most significant of the Serbian Churches, the Church of St. Sava, is located at the St. Sava plateau covering an area of 60.000 sq. m. The plateau decoration includes a 400 sq. m. fountain, pedestrian paths, playgrounds and diverse greenery. With the 2004 project for construction and landscaping of the complex around the church, the City of Belgrade marked the bicentennial of the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman rule."

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